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Steam Changed Discount Rules! How will the new system be?

The unstoppable rise of Epic Games has started to get Steam into action. We see that the game giant has started to take some changes, starting from the failing aspects. The first step came about the Steam discount rules .

In fact, Steam is one of the platforms that are successful in this regard. There are periods such as winter discounts and summer discounts, and very ambitious games can be purchased for very low prices. We even see 90% discounts.


Apart from these periods, there are discounts made by developers or publishers on their games from time to time. This is exactly where the problem arose.

As the platform promoted the discounted games more, some developers were making very small discounts on the games and trying to highlight their games. For example, a 1% discount could be made in a game and this game could be brought forward.

Here, the new rules will prevent the opportunism experienced in this regard. If a developer or publisher is discounting their game, they’re really discounting it.

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How Will Steam Discount Rules Be?

It would be much more accurate to explain this in substance. Because I want it to be easy to read.

  • For one thing, developers or publishers will now be able to offer a minimum 10% discount on games . 1-2% discount period is over.
  • The interval between two discounts has been updated to 28 days . In other words, when the discount period is over, it will be necessary to wait a minimum of 28 days to put the same production on sale again. In the past, this period was 6 months.
  • Price changes will not be made for ongoing promotions. There will be no updates. We will avoid surprises.
  • The maximum discount on products will be 90%. Above discount will not be accepted.
  • Discounts on Steam events will be exempt from this 28-day time limit. We are talking about activities such as winter discounts, summer discounts.
  • These discounts, which are referred to as special discounts, cannot continue for more than 2 weeks . It will not be less than 1 day .
  • This is how Steam discount rules are arranged. It’s sure to get the job done. We will see that the new rules for discounts apply after March 28.


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