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PS Plus March 2022 Games Leaked

We’re used to PS Plus games arriving early. For two or three months, the games began to leak unannounced. A similar situation was valid for March, and PS Plus March 2022 games appeared.

Although there is no official statement, according to the leak, the games to be given this month will be very successful productions. We expect the games to become clear with the official statement after a very short time.


What Will PS Plus March 2022 Games Be?

When we look at the leaked productions, we see that this time there is a surprise. It is understood that the Online production of the GTA series, whose new game has been talked about for a long time, will also be on the lists this month. If you wish, let’s move on to this new game list without further ado.

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  • Team Sonic Racing appears to be PS4 for now
  • Ark Survival Evolved appears on PS4 for now
  • GTA Online – for PS5
  • These 3 games are included in the leaked list. Let the official announcement be made, we will go over the leaked games once again. Maybe there are additional games to be added to the list or different surprises.


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