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God of War PC Edition Crosses Critical Sales Line

God of War , which Sony brought to the PC version years later by making a different strategy, started to run from success to success.

It is a place to say that the PC version of the game is almost expected. First, when the game was released, it attracted attention with the number of instant users on Steam. After that, the sales of the production started to attract attention.


The new information emerging on this subject shows that the game has exceeded some sales thresholds. Maybe even a new record for Sony.

What Level Are God of War PC Sales?

The game, which was released about a month ago, has already surpassed 2 million sales. According to the SteamSpy share, the production exceeded the 2 million threshold, but it is not clear how much it exceeded. Because the evaluation concerns the Steam platform.

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There is also an Epic Games side to this. Total sales figures could be much higher. It will be possible to talk more clearly on this subject after the official statements. Passing the 2 million sales threshold in just 1 month and only when Steam is evaluated shows that the production is really liked on PC.

The fact that sales go at these levels may also change Sony’s ideas. We may see PC-specific versions of console-specific productions more often. This is a situation that may also be valid for the continuation of the God of War  series.


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