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Samsung Galaxy Book Fold 17 Revealed!

South Korea-based technology giant Samsung has been working on standard 17-inch laptops with a folding screen, which we expect to run the Windows 10X operating system for a while. Of course, Microsoft’s plans have changed recently, it was to shelve the Windows 10X project and focus on Windows 11 with a new interface and updates.

Reliable leaker Ice Universe has started to reveal the details of the company’s new project, after reporting that Samsung is working on the Samsung Galaxy Book Fold 17 , a laptop with a 17-inch screen size and also foldable .


Everything started with the sharing of the typography logo on the device via Ice Universe’s Twitter account in the first place, and then everything started to become clear with the marketing images that Ben Geskin shared in the attachment.

If we look at the marketing images, just like the company’s foldable phones, the device, which consists of only the screen, will use 17-inch OLED Sync technology on the screen side. At the same time, it seems that thanks to the hinge system that the company has recently introduced in its new generation foldable devices, it will enable us to keep the other screen open at certain angles like a laptop.

The Horseshoe Bend Project has opened, and an industry representative familiar with the Horseshoe Bend Project said, “17-inch panels will be supplied to Lenovo, Dell and HP as standard products . ” “The foldable panel is expected to go into mass production by the end of 2021.” The display, processor and operating system will be standardized, while other elements of laptops will be open to manufacturers to innovate.


According to Ross Young of DisplaySearch team, the laptops were expected to be released in 2022, but due to the shelving of Windows 10X, the release date of these futuristic devices is no longer clear.


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