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US Prices of Google Pixel 6 Family Leaked

Internet giant Google’s new generation flagship Pixel 6 series has become one of the most talked about smartphone family in 2021. Technology enthusiasts are waiting for the smartphone that the California-based technology and software giant will soon launch. Although leaks have emerged about the Pixel 6 family for months, today we have learned about the pricing of Pixel 6 models in the leaked list of the United States-based retail store.

As first spotted by M. Brandon Lee from the This is Tech Today team , the US-based retail listings indicate that the Google Pixel 6 will start at $599 in the US for the 128GB Storage variant. Again, the price tag for the Pro model with 128GB Storage will be set at $898.


If we compare it with the Pixel 5 introduced last year, the Google Pixel 5 model was launched with a price tag of $ 699 last year, and its successor, which will be introduced this year, will be sold for $ 100 cheaper. It’s rare for a giant company like Google to keep the price of the next-gen model low.

A few days ago, Pixel 6’s pricing for the European region was also leaked. Previous rumors suggest that the base variant of the Google Pixel 6 (8GB RAM / 128GB Storage) will have a price tag of 650 euros, but the pricing of the 256GB Storage variant of the smartphone is still unknown. According to renowned journalist Roland Quandt, the base variant of the Pixel 6 Pro will start at 849 euros, while the 256GB variant will be priced at 949 euros.


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