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The List of Models to Receive EMUI 12 Has Been Announced!

Huawei , one of the China-based technology and software giants , is struggling to migrate its local smartphones to its own operating system, HarmonyOS, while its global smartphones still continue to work with EMUI. Today, the company has officially announced the list of smartphones that will receive the EMUI 12 update in the first half of 2022 .

Huawei has not yet said which Android OS version EMUI 12 will come with, but if we look at the recently released nova9 smartphone, it will probably come with Android 11 version, given that Android 12 has just been released and will have various security vulnerabilities. It’s highly likely to come with it.


Huawei Mate and P series smartphones, one of the company’s newest models, will start receiving the beta version of the software in the coming months. Much like the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system, EMUI 12 will place great emphasis on the integration of the Huawei ecosystem with easy file sharing and remote control of various Huawei devices. One of the biggest changes on the user interface side will likely be a new design with new animations, including the notification indicator.

One of the changes in the interface references some movements from Apple’s iOS operating system; When you swipe down from the upper left corner of the screen, the notification panel will open, while swiping down from the right will open the control panel. At the same time, these digital gestures are similar to Xiaomi’s MIUI.


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