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See You Guys: Pixel 3 Family Will Get Latest Updates

Pixel 3 and its brother Pixel 3XL, one of Google’s smartphone families , will bid farewell to the market by receiving their latest updates. The Pixel 3 was first released in October 2018, so they will no longer receive any updates, following the internet and software giant Google’s policy during three years of security patches.

The Pixel 3 series received the Android 12 major update last month, but was removed from the November 1 security patch list. The company will release a final update for the Pixel 3 and 3XL models. This update will be released in the first three months of next year. The update will be the last bug fixes update for smartphones introduced in 2018.


Next up are the Pixel 3a and 3a XL models!

Pixel 3a and 3a XL models will follow in the footsteps of Pixel 3; They will receive the latest security patches in May 2022, and thus a family of smartphones from Google will also be retired. Pixel 3a models will also receive guaranteed Android OS updates, called Mag of 2022, under a revised update policy that will apply to all Pixel models up to the Pixel 5a 5G family.


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