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Oppo Will Produce Its Own Processor!

According to a new report in the Stock Index Nikkei, China-based technology manufacturer Oppo is starting to develop its own high-end chips for flagship mobile phones. Speaking to the newspapers, the two stated that they will be ready to launch their own processors in 2023 or 2024 , depending on the speed of development about the company’s plans . It is also stated that Oppo wants to use TSMC’s advanced 3nm processor technology for the chips.

If the company’s plans to manufacture its own processor proceed as reported, Oppo will be the last major smartphone manufacturer to design and manufacture its own processor, and will have the status of the second China-based technology company to join Huawei, which has undergone the US Embargo and transitioned to its own technology. Apart from all these, it will join giants such as Google, Apple and Samsung, which produce its own processor.


Oppo may sell its processors to other Chinese companies

Oppo currently uses chips from Qualcomm and MediaTek in its smartphones, like all Chinese smartphone manufacturers. In 2017, Xiaomi allocated its budget for a normal-level SoC called Surge S1 for use in the Mi 5C phone and launched its first smartphone with a processor, but since 2017 its chip design work has been limited to secondary components such as processors designed for use in video signal technologies and not much progress has been made.

Oppo is the world’s fourth-largest smartphone manufacturer in terms of shipments, according to IDC reports, and given that it shares its supply chain with Vivo, Realme, and OnePlus, the chips developed by Oppo can also be used in smartphones of these brands.


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