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Google Tensor Processor Introduced!

Internet giant Google introduced the new generation flagship Pixel 6 family during its launch the other day, one of the most talked about topics at the launch was the company’s own processor, Google Tensor chips. While introducing the processor, the company talked about how the new system on a chip uses machine learning to improve many features of the phone.

Google Pixel 6 phones are both powered by Google’s new Tensor processor. The processor is at the heart of Google’s machine learning model, enhancing features like Google Assistant, Google Translate, Photos, and even casual phone calls during use.


For example; While texting while using the Pixel 6, the Tensor processor will be able to make speech recognition more accurate. Google has shown how it can do things like change what you say, match spoken names to names in your contact list, and add words to a transcript when you want to automate punctuation. Speech recognition on the Pixel 6 stated that instead of making corrections based on key proximity, it will make corrections based on phonetics.

Thanks to Pixel 6 and the Tensor processor it is powered by, a “Live Translation” feature that can translate conversations between people speaking different languages ​​in real time for Google Translate is also available to consumers. You will also have the chance to apply speech recognition and translation to videos.

During the launch, we also touched on how Tensor chips help the Pixel 6 easily manipulate photos. As part of the Magic Eraser feature, Google’s “Distractor” tool was also introduced, with which you can remove people or objects you don’t want from the photo. At the same time, this chip can allow you to easily edit images on the Pixel 6 and can read or translate text inside photos.

According to Google, Pixel 6 phones will also make it easier to search for businesses. When you call a company that puts you on hold, Google’s Phone app will show predicted wait times at different times of the day. Additionally, Pixel 6 speech recognition can copy selections on the screen when an automatic reply service is reached. These callers will be able to tap the prompts that appear instead of pressing a number key.


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