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Are We Fooled: Google Pixel 6 Pro Cannot Take Advantage of 30W Charging Support!

One of the internet/software and technology giants , Google ‘s next-generation flagship smartphone family, Pixel 6 Pro , was marketed to charge the phone approximately 50 percent in half an hour , and this number was almost reached in the reviews carried out by most technology editors (GSMArena within half an hour). got 48 percent filling) .

But it was strange that the Pixel 6 Pro’s 5000 mAh battery took about two hours to be fully charged with the 30W charging adapter. Android Authority did an in-depth look at the smartphone and conducted lab tests of the Pixel 6 Pro’s charging cycle. It recorded the actual current of the charger and underlined at which points the charger switches to lower currents.


This test allows us to learn more about actual charging speeds for smartphones that are normal for any charging smartphone but leave doubts about charging times like the Pixel 6 Pro.

Google: “Actual results may be slower”

In its disclaimer, Google doesn’t make it clear that the Pixel 6 Pro is actually capable of charging at 30W, nor does it state that it promises to charge 50 percent for 30 minutes via a Google-branded 30W USB-C charger plugged into a wall outlet. The company describes its promises as “Actual results may be slower” in its disclaimer .

The Android Authority team confirms that the maximum power drawn from the charger by both Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro is actually 22W, averaging 13W over a cycle. The team says they ran their tests not only with the Google 30W charger, but also with several other USB-C Power Delivery PPS adapters.

Looking at the Power / Time graph, we can see how the battery’s charge starts to rise diagonally before gradually decreasing towards the 100 mark. The blue line indicates that the current peaked at 22.36W before dropping to around 40 percent to 15W. It takes about half an hour to charge half of the battery, while it takes less than an hour and a half to charge the rest. Android Authority states that the Pixel 6 Pro takes about an hour to fill the last 15 percent of the battery.

Google was known to be conservative about its battery charging habits about Pixel devices, and the Pixel 6 Pro’s battery doesn’t charge at the same capacity as , for example, the 25W Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (plus a 5000mAh battery) . charger. It reached 54 percent in 30 minutes but was fully charged in just 1 hour and 11 minutes.


The conservative approach to charging makes the phone less prone to heat around 25C, but Android Authority points to another possibility that Google opts for cheaper batteries in its Pixel 6 series.


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