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OnePlus 10 Pro Launch Date Leaked!

One of Shenzhen-based technology giants OnePlus ‘s upcoming flagship smartphone model will be the OnePlus 10 family, and the company is expected to continue its flagship launch trend in the first half of the new year, and we now know the launch date of OnePlus 10 through analyst Max Jambor .

According to analyst Jambor, the company will launch the OnePlus 10 Pro and/or OnePlus 10 family in China in the first place sometime between January and February of next year . The company will make the global launch of the smartphone family sometime between March and April, but there is still no clear date.


In addition to OnePlus company, Samsung, one of the South Korean-based technology giants, will launch the flagship Galaxy S22 family in February. The reason why the Shenzhen-based tech giant launched its own flagship at the same time as Samsung may be its desire to compete with Samsung in the Chinese market.


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