Unexpected Decision for GittiGidiyor! closing

GittiGidiyor , which appeared in 2001 when e-commerce was not so common, succeeded in becoming one of the market places that broke new ground. The platform, which has made many innovations such as the money is safe system and the auction system, was also under the umbrella of eBay in 2011. However, according to the statement that came today, it was decided to close for the giant of a period.

A brief statement was also made for the decision taken by Ebay . We have also seen that the platform, which has been serving for years, has entered its last days.


When Will GittiGidiyor Close?

If we look at the statement made, eBay took this decision with the decrease in its market share after increasing competition. It already had serious competitors, but recently, the platform’s competitors have started to increase from good to good.

We also know that competitors are more aggressive in advertising. Probably, the market share has shrunk in this competitive environment and it seems that the decision to close GittiGidiyor has finally been taken.

Again, according to the information in the statement, new product entry of the platform will be stopped after this day, that is , after 20 June . Sellers will not be able to enter new products.

Until July 18, sales and purchases will be open on the site . Shopping will continue until this date. But after that, sales and purchases will not be possible and GittiGidiyor will stop.

Meanwhile, buyers and sellers will be able to continue to view their transactions through the “My Account” section until September 5, 2022 . Customer service will continue to operate until September 30, 2022 .


After that, GittiGidiyor will be closed completely. The giant marketplace acquired by eBay in 2011 will thus have come to an end.


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