The European Union Will Provide USB-C Mandatory In Technological Products By 2024!

After the negotiators of the European Parliament and the Council reached an interim agreement at the conference held today, one of the common goals of the European Union is one step closer to reality. From fall 2024, all small and medium portable electronics, including mobile phones, tablets and headsets, that will be sold in the European Union will be required to be sold with a USB-C charging port.

Twelve electronic product lines, including electronic readers, portable game consoles and cameras, will have to share the universal charging standard in the territory of the European Union. The laptops group will have to comply with the new decision 40 months after the law comes into force, that is 3 years and 4 months.


What does the new mandatory law aim at?

The new law is another part of the European Union’s goal of making electronics sold in member states more sustainable and helping consumers carry a single charge for all their devices, while also reducing electronic waste.

The legislation still needs to pass a vote in the European Union Parliament and Council, which is scheduled for this year. The new law also aims to harmonize fast charging standards across devices and do the same for wireless charging standards in the future.


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