The Canadian Government Will Write A Warning On Each Cigarette Branch Without Getting Bored

As you know, in recent years, a single type of package has been applied in cigarette/tobacco packages sold in our country . While this practice has been applied by many countries for many years, it has started to be implemented in our country in the last three years.

While Canada , one of the North American countries that will adopt the “uniform package” application in cigarette packages among the countries of the world , aims to put into effect the new regulation by 2023, a very interesting information has emerged about the application that will come into force.


With the increasing prevalence of cigarette use and the reason why it is preferred by the younger population, visually supported texts describing the harms of cigarettes and tobacco products on a black background were used in different and colored cigarette packages in terms of deterrence.

In some countries abroad, cigarette packages retain their original nostalgic atmosphere; In countries such as France, England and Canada, the “uniform package” application is carried out. Now, Canada will implement a different application in addition to the uniform package on deterrence.

A warning will be written one by one on 20 branches of cigarettes in a cigarette pack.

In addition to the uniform package application, Canada will not only offer warnings on the packages and will be the only country to print a warning on each cigarette branch without being lazy. Thus , it is aimed that smokers will see the warning each time they smoke and give up smoking.


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