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Samsung Galaxy S22 Coming With Ultra Giant Cameras

January will be a very colorful month for the technology world. We will see new graphics cards, new laptop models, new phones, many new technologies. Because there is CES 2022 , one of the most prestigious technology fairs . On the other hand, we will see new works and products of giant brands. Samsung is one of these brands. The new flagship Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is also the most curious model.

Leaks for the smartphone, which we see as a response to the iPhone 13 series, also started to contain more information. Finally, a visual came from the phone and giant cameras appeared.


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Will Come With Full 5 Cameras

If this photo shared for the phone is correct, the camera area on the back cover will disappear as we expect.

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There won’t be any additional bezels, but we’ll still see lots of cameras. First of all, the main cameras and the wide-angle main cameras will be huge. The lens, which will attract attention with its 3 wide dimensions, draws attention.

It seems that there are 2 more lenses right next to it. A total of 5 rear cameras is a very ambitious choice. Moreover, the expectations for the qualities of these cameras are very high.

It is said that the main camera that will come with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will be 108 MP . A 10 MP telephoto camera that can zoom up to 3x, a periscope camera that can zoom in 10x, and a wide-angle camera that is said to be 12 MP .


If the phone comes with this camera array, it seems to place its seat at the top of the DxOMark evaluation list. But of course, one thing I always say is that the official introduction first.


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