Minisforum Neptune HX90G Mini PC Announced!

The mini PC market has now become an industry on its own. We have become accustomed to seeing the ambitious models of brands that continue to expand the market. In this way, one of the new mini PC models that will make its claim was the   Minisforum Neptune HX90G  .

Although it is a mini model, new details have been announced for the series, which we can say does not exist. Although a detailed introduction has not been made yet, we have received a few more important information.


What Will The Technical Specifications Be For Minisforum Neptune HX90G?

It has been announced that the new generation mini PC will have 3 different options as AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX, AMD Ryzen 9 6900HX and an Intel Alder Lake series processor whose model is not yet known .

Regardless of which processor is chosen, which has very good performance values, it will appear as a Radeon RX 6650M GPU unit in the graphics unit.

A large two-fan cooler has been added to the series to cool the soldered and non-replaceable graphics unit and CPU unit.

The dimensions are small, but the cooler pushes the dimensions of the mini PC to the fullest. It was announced that there are double fans and 7 heat pipes on the cooler . If you ask if it was enough, it was enough according to what the brand said.

Even though the Minisforum Neptune HX90G  was running at full performance, the absorber performance was considered sufficient. Of course, this should be seen in user tests, not in the promotion. Already in the cooler part, there is also a liquid metal plus .




The use of liquid metal on both the CPU and GPU seems to have contributed greatly to solving the heat problem.

We don’t know when other details will be announced or when sales will start for the Neptune HX90G . We will wait for the clarifications for this.


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