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Launch Date Leaked for Google Pixel 6a

Internet giant Google ‘s smartphone family , Pixel , releases an affordable model every year alongside its flagships. The company released the Pixel 6 family this year, and as consumers, we expect the Pixel 6a model. According to rumors, the company has added some of the unique features found in the Pixel 6 model to the Pixel 6a.

Recently, some render images have emerged showing how the smartphone will have a design, and it has almost the same design lines as the Pixel 6, but the information we got today is about when the Pixel 6a will be introduced.


Pixel 6a: affordable smartphone for average users

According to Max Jambor, who became famous for his predictions, Pixel 6’s more affordable model, Pixel 6a, will be introduced in May and become official. Those of you who follow the industry will remember that although May is the date of the Google I/O event held by the company in the past few years, this date does not mean that the smartphone will be introduced at the event.

Google, one of the internet giants, organized a smartphone launch at the Google I/O event it held in 2019, and we met the Pixel 3a and 3a XL siblings at this launch.

Pixel 6a won’t be much different from Pixel 6 in terms of overall design and key features. However, it is expected to be slightly less powerful than the original Pixel 6. Overall, for average users, it’s hard to tell the differences between the two from the looks of it, the Pixel 6a is very similar to the Pixel 6.



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