Hepsiburada Premium with Free BluTV Subscription Comes!

Today, there is a calculator and a camera application that does not sell Premium subscriptions. One of the e-commerce giants in our country , Hepsiburada quickly sat on the agenda of Turkey with a product it started to list in its own store and attracted great interest.

According to the rumors and screenshots on the internet, the company is preparing to sell a Premium membership for 10 Turkish Liras per month , and according to the information on the internet, we will receive the equivalent of 10 TL, just like Amazon Prime.


What will Hepsiburada Premium offer?

According to the screenshots circulating on the internet, there are great shopping experiences with a BluTV subscription with a monthly price tag of 22.90 TL for 10 TL:

  • Free shipping on all your orders without lower limit / upper limit
  • 3% of HepsiPapel earnings on every purchase
  • Free BluTV subscription
  • Free Furniture Assembly
  • Priority in the Call Center
  • Free Door Return

When you go to the relevant page of Hepsiburada Premium now, “This product is not available for sale at the moment.” It is not clear when the company will offer the Premium feature, and the price tag is likely to change, but if everything goes according to the speculations on the Internet, it will really be a great service for customers.


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