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General Mobile GM 22 Introduced! Features, Price and Design

General Mobile held its expected event and made an announcement for new serial smartphone models. The first model of the domestic smartphone series that will represent the brand this year was General Mobile GM 22 .

In fact, we can call it the base model or the main version of the series. When we go into a little detail, you will see that there is the Pro series, and there is also the Plus model. Let’s first take a look at what’s in the current smartphone model.


How is the General Mobile GM 22 Design?

In other words, there were parts of the design that I found both strange and liked. First I have to start with the back design. We see that there are 3 cameras in the rear camera area, which has been likened to Apple. This part is similar to the design used in Apple’s iPhone series, but the cameras are not that wide.

I think a more original design would be better. Apart from that, a fingerprint sensor is also used on the back. The use of the fingerprint sensor on the back is also not very common anymore, but when we look at the class of the phone, we find it normal.

Let ‘s come to the design on the front of the General Mobile GM 22 . The notch system, which we know as the waterdrop notch, continues on the wide-screen smartphone. There is a slight bezel at the bottom, but it doesn’t look too distracting.

  • Colors: Gold, Ocean black, Green, Red
  • Dimensions: 164.75mm X 76.3mm X 8.9mm
  • Weight: 202 grams

Let’s move on to all the technical details about the phone. We are facing a mid-range smartphone.

General Mobile GM 22 Technical Specifications and Cameras

I’ll start with the hardware inside the phone. I said it in an article before the introduction. General Mobile uses MediaTek processors in its domestic smartphones. Has this situation changed? It hasn’t changed. Again, phones have MediaTek processors. MediaTek Helio A25 series processor has 8 cores and a base frequency value of 1.8 GHz.


Now I leave it to you to decide whether it performs or not. As a result, we are not reviewing at the moment. 🙂

The RAM in the model is 3 GB RAM in LPDDR4X technology . A low amount of RAM for smartphones recently. When I check I also see that there is no other option. Let me add that the storage space is only 32 GB . It goes up to 256GB but the internal memory is 32GB.

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Let’s quickly get to the screen. IPS LCD has been preferred again on the 6.52-inch wide screen . The HD+ screen has a resolution of 720 X 1600 pixels , with a pixel density of 269 PPi . The screen-to-body ratio remained at 89% . Selections that meet the standards for its class are presented.

Let’s get to the cameras. Frankly, I can’t help but say that I expected a better camera. On the back, there is a 13 MP main camera and two VGA cameras . These cameras are at the level of 0.3 MP.

52 MP super pixel mode is offered but I definitely expected better cameras. There has been talk of artificial intelligence plus, but of course, we do not know how the shooting quality is. The front camera of the phone, which is said to be capable of 1080p camera recording, is an 8 MP single camera .

Other Details

  • Android 11 operating system
  • 5000mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0 support
  • 4.5G support

General Mobile GM 22 Price

The price of the phone was announced as 2,699 TL . I leave the comments on the price and performance balance to you without making any comments. 🙂

Technical Summary 

  • 6.52 inch screen. IPS LCD 720 X 1600 resolution
  • MediaTek Helio A25 processor
  • 3GB RAM and 32GB memory
  • 13 MP main rear camera and two VGA + 8 MP front cameras
  • 5000mAh battery


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