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General Mobile GM 22 Coming! Here is the Date

General Mobile has given the expected news for its next smartphone series. An introduction date has been announced for the General Mobile GM 22 , the model in which the brand will continue the GM series .

Again, we do not expect a smartphone that will force the flagships, but because it is considered as a domestic smartphone, maybe we can see a model that will offer a price advantage.


For now, let’s talk about when the smartphone model, which has no information about how to find features, will be introduced and other surprises to come.

General Mobile GM 22 Introducing To Be Held On January 25th

The launch for the new smartphone will take place next week. The phone is expected to be announced as of January 25 . But this time we won’t be seeing just a smartphone. The GM series continues, we have no words for it. This time, a smart watch will be in front of us.

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Maybe the smartwatch that will excite more than the phone will come with the name GM Watch. I say why it will be exciting because we have been looking for affordable series in smart watch models. There are many models that force 4-5 thousand or even pass.

Maybe GM Watch can offer a good alternative within the price-performance scale. I think the smart watch will get more attention.


If we go back to the smartphone again, even the expectations have not emerged. We know that the GM 21 Pro model used the MediaTek Helio G90 processor and featured a 6.67 inch IPS LCD screen.

In other words, as I mentioned, there has never been a series that will force flagship models. There will probably be a generation update, but I think there will be a series at the same level. Let’s see after the introduction.


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