Apple Raised iPhone Prices! Comparison of Old and New Prices

While we were sharing about new software and new products focused on the WWDC 2022 event, we were faced with an unexpected move from Apple. The brand unexpectedly increased the prices of the products it sells in Turkey. Of course, the increase in iPhone prices especially attracted a lot of attention.

Apple, which has already made a raise several times during the year, has shaken the lists once again. Moreover, we see that the hikes are at serious levels. Let’s say it never happened Apple and let’s see how the prices have changed.


Apple iPhone Prices Raise! New and Old Prices

We’re going over the iPhone, but let’s also mention that there is a hike in all Apple products, not just the iPhone. We will first look at the change in the prices of an iPhone , and then briefly share the change for other products.

June 6, 2022 iPhone Prices Before and After the Raise

Models (Starting prices) Before Raise After the raise
iPhone 13 Pro Max – 128GB 27,999 TL 32.999TL
iPhone 13 Pro – 128GB 24.999 TL 29.999 TL
iPhone 13 – 128GB 18.999 TL 22,499 TL
iPhone 12 – 128GB 17,499 TL 20.999 TL
iPhone 12 mini – 128GB 15,799 TL 18.999 TL
iPhone SE 10.999 TL 13,499 TL
iPhone 11 – 64GB 12.999 TL 14.999 TL
iPhone 13 Mini – 128GB 17,499 TL 20.999 TL

The increased iPhone prices have changed in this way. Let’s add the changing prices for other Apple products right below.

9th generation iPad Model 5.999 TL 7,199 TL
3rd generation AirPods 2,999 TL 3,599 TL
Apple Watch 7 – 45mm 6.999 TL 8,399 TL
AirPods Pro 4,499 TL 5,399 TL
16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro 60.999 TL 71,999 TL

You saw the last prices after Apple’s hikes. At the next stage, we do not know whether the raise will come again or not. We can only say that Apple is used to it.


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