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Will Ads Show on Xbox Games?

In the last week, a news was made by Business Insider that made Xbox players curious. According to the news, it was said that some Xbox games would come with advertisements. So what’s the point?

Let’s make an evaluation on the subject according to the information given and the latest claims. Maybe something as important as it seems is not being talked about. 🙂


Will Ads Come to Free Xbox Games?

Let’s talk about the news first. According to the news, it is said that in-game ads will be shown in free games given under Xbox Game Pass .

In the game, we can see brand advertisements on a sign, on a stage or on a wall poster.

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It is said that the ads will be placed without disturbing the game experience. For example, let’s take an open world-based game. Let’s say you’re playing Watch Dogs. You are walking around the city.

The advertisements of the advertised brand will be displayed on the billboard in the city .

I do not think that this situation will have an effect on the game experience, just as it is claimed.


Ads placed in appropriate places will not grin in the game. So even if the claims are true, nothing much will change for the players.

If you say what will change for Microsoft, it will have an extra income source. Because when the number of players in some games is considered, it is certain that brands will also be interested in such advertisements.

But we do not know whether this decision is real or when it will start to be implemented. There has been no statement yet to confirm the allegations. More details on the allegations will come in the coming days.


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