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What is GTA+? What are the advantages?

Rockstar Games is in pursuit of breakthrough again. This time, the company made its announcement for GTA+ . Let’s still wait for the details of GTA, the company is going over GTA 5 and it is going.

This time, the game is on the agenda again with a different project . In fact, this time there is a breakthrough that concerns the online part more. So what did the company offer? What did the new system bring?


What is GTA+?

As you know, GTA 5 was recently released for the next generation consoles . The game has arrived for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S models. But the online part has been separated. For the first time, it was presented to the new generation consoles as a separate game from the GTA 5 production.

Here is the GTA + system, a system that is completely related to the GTA Online section. Rockstar Games announced it as a subscription system. Users who purchase the subscription will have various advantages in order to be able to rise more easily in the online section. Only new generation console owners, namely PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S users, will be able to benefit from the subscription service .

What are the Advantages Offered with GTA+?

It is said that once every month, a certain amount of GTA$ will be earned. Apart from this, there will be various advantages and the advantages provided will change every month. If we evaluate the advantages announced for this month, we see a long list. Let’s add it below.

  • Yacht owners will receive an Aquarius Super Yacht upgrade at no charge
  • The Broker Prolapse basketball top, shorts and Gusset Frog t-shirt will be automatically added to the wardrobe.
  • Extra free emblems and free paint options will be available in the auto shop.
  • 2x more car fame will be achieved in the street racing series.
  • GTA$500,000 will be deposited into Maze bank account.
  • There will be no LS Car Meet fees. If there are depositors, these fees will also be returned to the players.
  • 3x GTA$ and RP will be earned in Hao’s specials racing series.
  • We will see these and other advantages. As we said, the pluses will change every month. The subscription service will open on March 29 . But let’s underline again that the advantages will change every month.


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