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What Does the New PlayStation Plus Offer? Packages and Prices

The expected announcement for the new PlayStation Plus has been made. The name didn’t change as we expected, but we did see a change in packages and prices for the subscription service.

We will look at the package options, advantages and prices offered by the service, which we can consider exactly as an Xbox Game Pass competitor.


What’s In The New PlayStation Plus Packs?

Sony offered 4 different package options. The benefits and offered items vary in each of these packages. We’re going to start from the very basics.

New PlayStation Plus Essential Pack – Prices Same as PS Plus | $9.99 per month

  • 2 free games renewed every month . (We know that it is also used in the current system)
  • Additional discount options available on games and items
  • Enjoy the pleasure of playing games online
  • Additional cloud storage plus for games

New PlayStation Plus Extra Package – $99.99 per year | 3 months $39.99 | $14.99 per month

  • There are privileges included in the previous package, such as vehicle equipment levels. In addition, there will be many game advantages.
  • Those who buy this package will have access to the free game library with 400 games. We will see that the games are also renewed. In fact , there are already ambitious games such as God of War, Mortal Kombat 11 .
  • New PlayStation Plus Premium Package – $119.99 per year| 3 Months $49.99 | $17.99 per month

    • Let’s point out again that you access the items that came with the previous two packages in the same way. They will be added to it.
    • In this package, there will be access to one more game library. You will receive an additional 340 games .
    • If you have PS Now in your country , then you will be able to access all these games on PC.
    • Trial versions will be given additionally for new games. It’s unclear how early or how long access will be given to which games.

    New PlayStation Plus Deluxe Pack – Price not yet known. There may be different prices according to different markets.


    Actually, let’s call it an add-on package. If PS Now is not available in your country , Premium privileges will be obtained by purchasing this package. I did not know whether to consider this as a package or to say Premium, which has a different name according to the regions.

    But since it will be different from Premium in terms of price, we added it as an additional package. It would probably be cheaper since Now isn’t there.

    When Will The New Subscription System Be In Use?

    We won’t be waiting too long. The prices of our country are not yet known, but it is said that this new system will be put into use at the beginning of the summer months, in June . Turkey prices will be announced very soon .


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