We Are Losing Another King: The New Dodge Challenger Will Be Electric!

Dodge Challenger , one of the models that has kept the American Muscle Car culture alive for years, will lose this feature. Dodge Challenger will be electric with its new generation.

The automobile world has slowly started to shift to electric motors. While almost every brand’s electric models are coming, Dodge did not fall under them. Dodge has decided to produce the Challenger model, which has been one of its favorite models for a long time, electrified.


The new Challenger will not compromise its power. It will come up with powerful engines as before. In order to appeal to everyone economically, electric fuel technology will be added. Of course, it will still be possible to use gasoline. On the subject, the boss of FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) made the following statement:

They may not exist until the mid-2020s. The new technology is getting rid of the redundant loads, and now we are considering different ways for power transmission mechanisms. We can now use electrification technology for these vehicles.”

Electric vehicles can be quite beneficial for the economy. However, I think it is unnecessary to bring this technology in such powerful vehicles. Because those who do this job with pleasure believe that the vehicle is the soul and try to approach it. In this regard, the biggest connection between the vehicle’s engine and the driver is the sound of the engine. Of course, I’m talking about the sound of the engine itself, not an exhaust sound.

Although it is not known how necessary it is to bring this technology in such a luxury and powerful vehicle, the Challenger will gain a different identity with electric motors. We wish the company success in advance


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