Volkswagen Announces New Driverless Car Cedric

Having survived a long period of trouble , Volkswagen announced the Cedric car , which has the fifth level of autonomous driving technology . As the vehicle currently represents Volkswagen ‘s vision for the future, it will be put up for sale if there are no differences in design.

What does Volkswagen Sedric offer?


Although the car is now called the ‘car of the future’, that future is not far away. As you know, automobile companies have already developed and introduced driverless technologies. Volkswagen , on the other hand, takes the event to different dimensions and offers extra comfort and features to the users inside the vehicle. The vehicle, which is designed in a completely driverless structure, works with electric power. While the company introduced Cedric to its visitors at the Geneva Motor Show , it also took the title of the first concept car that does not need a driver.

When we take a look at the design of Volkswagen Cedric , it is striking that it is equipped with the fifth level autonomous driving technology. This is also stated in the design of the vehicle. Because there is neither a steering wheel nor a driver’s cabin inside the vehicle. Just like a cable car, you are traveling by riding in it. Cedric, a four-person, almost resembles the living room of a house. Moreover, the seats can move left and right, forward and backward.

And a small garden was built inside the Volkswagen Sedric . It is not known whether it will add a different atmosphere or to change the environment, but we have seen this technology in Rinspeed Oasis, which is supported by Tübitak. As OLED is used in the console at the front of the vehicle, it has an intense glass design.

Batteries under the vehicle


For some reason , Volkswagen Cedric ‘s batteries are located under the vehicle. We already told you that it is electric. As inside, the lights outside are also electronically entered into the dynamic headlight group. The design, project, development and construction phase was carried out in Wolfsburg , Germany.

I would like to talk about a detail that makes Sedric special. The tool has a special key called OneButton . Thanks to this key, voice command detections are made and you can call the vehicle to your side with a single button. Details on the range and battery side have not been shared yet. However, we will learn more details about the Volkswagen Sedric in the coming months.


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