Tesla Model Y Introduced on March 14

Creating the milestone of the electric car revolution , Tesla adds a new SUV model to the vehicle category. The new vehicle, announced as the Tesla Model Y , will be introduced on March 14.

While electric vehicles have just started to be included in our lives, Tesla, one of the largest manufacturers of these vehicles, meets its customers with a new vehicle. Announced by CEO Elon Musk , the new Tesla Model Y will be introduced to the world on March 14 at the design studio in Los Angeles. 


Model Y will carry 75% of the same parts as Model 3, currently Tesla’s most affordable vehicle. The new vehicle, which will be 10 percent larger and more expensive than Model 3, will come with a similar structure to Model X.

While it is stated that much more details about the vehicle will be shared on the presentation day, it is known that the test drives of the vehicle are currently underway. Therefore, there are several prototypes of the Tesla Model Y already produced. However, it is reported that mass production will start in 2020.


Tesla Model Y and all other models, which are estimated to be sold for approximately $ 35,000, will be ordered online. Tesla, which has closed most of its stores in the world and dismissed its employees, has completely focused on e-commerce at this point.


Another detail about electric vehicles was the announcement of the 3rd version of Superchargers, in which vehicles are charged. The new charging stations will support charging at 345kW. The current charging speed is 145kW.

On the other hand, CEO Musk also gave a date for the electric truck. According to his statement, a new Tesla truck powered by electricity could be announced in the second half of this year. 



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