Significant Discounts Started on Capcom Games on Steam

If you are following our free games of the week series, you must have seen it, Epic Games always gives a free game. Steam, on the other hand, started to make game discounts constantly. After the last holiday season discounts, we’ve seen that publisher discounts are now being offered. Especially Steam Capcom discounts attract attention.

If you wish, let’s not delay and talk about both the discounts and the best games that can be bought at these discounts.


Steam Capcom Discounts and Game Recommendations

For some reason, when Capcom is mentioned, I immediately think of zombies. 🙂 The company’s zombie invasion themed games are famous. Legendary Dead Rising and Resident Evil series also take the lead. My suggestions will generally be from these series.

  • Resident Evil Village – Original Price 279 TL – Price after 50% discount 139 TL

If you like horror games, I would definitely say give it a try. The production, which was also awarded the Steam awards in 2021, is the 8th game of the series. Frankly, the scenes were kept a little dark to emphasize the horror aspect of the game, but this genre is also very popular. 🙂

  • Resident Evil 7 BioHazard Gold Edition – Original Price 158 TL – Price after 66% discount 53 TL

Honestly, the price caught my attention. This time we are switching to the 7th game of the series. Again, the horror-oriented production shows itself. This time, you find yourself in an abandoned farmhouse in a South American region, in an atmosphere of fear. As for the content of the Gold Edition package; We see Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and Resident Evil 7 Season Pass.

  • Dead Rising 4 – Original Price 89 TL – Price after 75% discount 22 TL

It’s not a very new game, but I can say it’s a fun game. Think of the world as zombies have invaded. You cut zombies with various tools and weapons, and on the other hand, you try to survive. The game has a strange humor in itself. Because you know when you are cutting zombies with a chainsaw and taking selfies with zombies somewhere. 🙂


  • Monster Hunter World IceBorn Master Edition – 139 TL with 50% discount

  • Devil May Cry 5 – 125 TL with 50% discount

For other discounts, I add the discount page here Let’s also remind you that Steam Capcom discounts are valid for a short time. The discounts, which started on March 14, will continue until March 21.


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