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Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Game On The Way

We started to see mobile game adaptations very often. I say adaptation because we encounter mobile games of games that have made a name for themselves on PC and console platforms for years. It is said that a new one will be added to these productions in the near future. The new game adapted to mobile will be Rainbow Six Siege .

Ubisoft ‘s Rainbow Six Siege, the game that we frequently include in our reviews and video card game performance tests , will be presented with a mobile game version and will be a very comprehensive game according to the rumors.


When Will the Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Game Coming?

According to the information given by Tom Henderson, whom we consider as one of the experts in the field, an announcement will be made for the new game next month.

It is also said that the game will be prepared as a result of the partnership of Ubisoft and Tencent . This information is important because we see that the two giants will come together for the new mobile game.

Tencent is one of the companies that has proven itself with PUBG and made a sound in the mobile game world. Ubisoft , on the other hand, is already in the creative position for Six Siege and it is indisputable how experienced a game company it is.

Let’s make an even more ambitious debut, we can say that Ubisoft is one of the few game companies in the world.

We will wait for April for the new mobile game that brings these two giants together . It is possible that details for the game will also emerge within the scope of the first week of April. These are the allegations.


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