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Rainbow Six Mobile Announced! What do we know?



We had expectations for a mobile game for Rainbow Six. In fact, the business went beyond expectations and a schedule was leaked showing when the game would be announced. Here is the expected mobile game Rainbow Six Mobile has finally been announced.

For now, I can only say that the game has been previewed. The debut trailer video has been released. There is some information we get from both this video and additional explanations. Let’s go over that information.


Rainbow Six Mobile Will Be A More Ambitious Game Than We Think

Obviously, the new information that has emerged today shows that the game will be more ambitious than we thought. So much so that although it is a mobile game, the production has been under development for more than 3 years .

You are an experienced company like Ubisoft and you have been working on a game for 3 years. Just this detail is proof of how ambitious the game will be.

When we look at the technical details, we will see that there are 5 to 5 struggles in the production . Basically, there is an attacking side and a defending side.

I can say that I liken it to counter logic. Although the game is built on such a simple logic, it is also among the information that it will attract attention with a lot of details in terms of gameplay.

For example, we will see physics that increase the realism of the game, such as the fragmentation of objects, the destruction of structures, the bouncing of bullets.


The release date for Rainbow Six Mobile, which is completely developed for mobile devices and includes customizations at this point, is still not clear.

In the first place, Ubisoft announced that it will start the closed beta process and in this process, it will receive registrations through the application. There is even a registration page. Let ‘s add that page here.


But as we said, there is no release date information for now. In addition, details such as how the game will need system requirements on phones are not clear. Over time, we will share these details as they are announced.


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