Police Raid For Mercedes-Benz Emissions Cheating


Simultaneous raids have been carried out on 11 Mercedes-Benz centers in Germany at the moment , and eye investigations have been launched with the allegation that the company has cheated on emissions in passenger cars with diesel engines. At the same time, Mercedes-Benz Türk A.Ş confirmed the issue and made a statement.

Emissions Crisis Grows in Germany


Last year, there were major crises in Germany due to Volkswagen ‘s emission fraud, and the company had to pay millions of dollars in fines by getting involved in the USA. While the subject is still hot, Mercedes-Benz is now under investigation for the same emissions trick .

As the incident first broke out on German news sites, the Stuttgart Prosecutor’s Office raided the Mercedes-Benz headquarters simultaneously with 20 Police and 23 Prosecutors for an ‘ emission fraud ‘. In the raids, evidence began to be collected for diesel-engined vehicles involved in emission fraud in the company.

MB Türk A.Ş , which also carries out the sales of Mercedes-Benz in our country, confirmed the investigations on the subject and stated that the business was being investigated. You can read the full official statement below:

It is true that, as announced in March 2017, the Stuttgart Prosecutor ‘s Office initiated investigations at Daimler AG facilities in various regions of Germany with the alleged manipulation of exhaust gas emissions in passenger cars with diesel engines. Daimler AG , our parent company, continues to work in cooperation with the authorities. In this process, Daimler AG provided all the information requested by the official authorities to the authorities. At the same time, information about possible investigations to take place at the facilities was included in the company’s first quarterly interim activity reports. Based on this information, we cannot comment further on the ongoing preliminary investigation. Thank you for your understanding.


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