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New Leaks Revealed for PlayStation 5 Pro

It has been a long time since the PlayStation 5 game console was introduced. Although it is not easy to reach the console due to stock problems, it is said that work has started for a new console that will make you forget the main series. Leaks have even begun to come from the new console, which is said to come with the name PlayStation 5 Pro .

Some images that were said to belong to the Pro model previously appeared. The latest leaks reveal some information about the technical features of the consoles, not the design of the consoles.


What Will PlayStation 5 Pro Offer in Terms of Technical Features?

According to new leaks, the console will have a noticeably higher performance than the current model.

It is stated that the console, which is said to benefit from AMD’s new generation processors , will have up to 2 times higher performance than the current model .

The series, which is said to make a serious leap in GPU performance, is said to offer real ray tracing technology with up to 2.5 times better performance .

All these leaks show that the next generation console will be powered by the next generation GPU and CPU units that we expect AMD to announce soon.

But here is another interesting leak. Although AMD’s latest technologies are expected to be used, it is said that the PlayStation 5 Pro model will not have FSR 2.0 . There is a claim that a solution developed by Sony will be used instead.


Of course, it is not possible to confirm these leaks without definitive information or seeing an official statement. Because the following information shows that the Pro model will offer a significantly different performance from the main console. So, I think all these are important information that needs to be confirmed.


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