New Fiat 124 Spider in Turkey! The Price is Certain!

Known for its popularity among open-top vehicles in the 60s, the 124 Spider was launched with its new model. So much so that he came to Istanbul and the price is clear.

The 124 Spider , which showed itself at the Istanbul Autoshow , is open-top just like in the 60s. Designed at the Fiat Design Center in Turin, Italy , the 124 Spider impresses with its design. Although I don’t like Fiat cars, the interior design appealed to me. Although it looks like a very delicate vehicle in terms of exterior design, the interior design shows that it is a sports vehicle.


124 Spider , which has a simple and useful console, creates a stylish and plain appearance with its multimedia screen and leather seats. The vehicle will meet with Fiat lovers with prices starting from 150,000 TL .

Although the vehicle has a beautiful appearance, the engine offered for its price seemed a little insufficient to me. The vehicle has a 1.4 liter 140 hp turbo petrol rear-wheel drive engine. Of course, there are many c-segment vehicles with this engine. It is not known how much it is preferred, but I still think it will be sold more with a more assertive engine.


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