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Max Payne Remake Announced! Legend Returns

We started to get used to the remakes. The legendary games of the period are returning for the new generation with remakes. Here comes another good news. This time Max Payne Remake  is coming.

We will see that the game, which is among the legends, returns for the new generation after years. I know; “What game will come?”, “When will it come?”, “Which games will come?” 


All Details for Max Payne Remake Edition

For one thing, this version will not be linked to the 3rd game. We will see the remake version of the first two games of the series . It is not yet clear whether the games will be offered separately as remakes or whether the two games will be presented as a single package.

If you ask who will develop the game, there is no change again , Remedy will be the production that develops both versions.

Let’s also underline that a new agreement has been made with Rockstar Games. In other words, the game also includes the signature of Rockstar Games . In the meantime, let’s also mention that the production will be prepared with completely new dynamics and will be suitable for the last generation.

The game, which will carry the signature of the Nortlight game engine , will contain innovations both in terms of gameplay and graphics. I expect the game to shake the new generation, especially in terms of graphics. Because companies speak assertively.

We have one last detail left and that is on which platforms we can play the production. Let’s put the PC platform at the top of the list right away. The Max Payne series is a series that has generally come to the fore on the PC platform.


But Max Payne Remake 1 and 2 versions will also come to the next generation consoles. There will also be a version for the Xbox Series X and S models, as well as the PlayStation 5 . Thus, we will return to the Max Payne universe with the power of the new generation consoles.

I can’t give information about the Max Payne Remake release date at the moment. Looks like it’s still a long time before the release date. Because the development process of the game has just started. The deals have just been made. Let’s see when it comes out.


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