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Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer Gives a Hint to Star Wars Pass

Last week , Square Enix officially announced Kingdom Hearts 4 , complete with a teaser trailer that may have revealed more than we initially realized . Following the trailer’s release, eagle-eyed fans have been searching for easter eggs, and it looks like a Star Wars cameo has surfaced so far.

In Kingdom Hearts 4 , Sora visits a series of Disney-themed worlds. Typically, this has been limited to traditional Disney and Pixar characters, but it looks like Kingdom Hearts 4 could evolve further. There’s a small clip in the trailer that shows what an AT-ST walking on the ground looks like, and that we might finally see a Star Wars world included in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The clip takes place at 0:36 in the trailer below:


Disney has had Star Wars IP for a decade at this point , but we didn’t get any cameos in Kingdom Hearts 3. With Kingdom Hearts 4 , Square Enix seems to be taking things in a more mature direction with an older version of Sora.

Perhaps this new direction will include entirely new themes, such as new levels featuring Star Wars characters. If we enter Star Wars territory, this could also open doors for Marvel.

Do you think Kingdom Hearts should evolve in the next game and include Star Wars and Marvel themed levels?


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