Here is the Special Produced for the 70th Anniversary: ​​Lotus Elise Cup 260!

Luxury car manufacturer Lotus produced the Elise Cup 260, special for the company’s 70th anniversary. Lotus Elise Cup 260 , which we can only find 30 of its equals , comes with a very powerful engine.

British automaker Lotus is producing a special vehicle for the 70th anniversary of its company. The vehicle produced for the anniversary of the company’s founding includes racing vehicle features. And only 30 will be produced . Let’s take a closer look at the Elise Cup 260.


Elise Cup 260, which has joined the Lotus models for the 70th anniversary, was chosen as the lightest and strongest among the other models. In fact, when you look at it from the outside, it looks very similar to the previous model Cup 250, but the engine under the hood and the body of the vehicle are quite different.

Lotus’s new race-oriented model, the Elise Cup 260, is powered  by a 1.8-liter four-cylinder 250  horsepower supercharged  engine. Another feature that greatly affects the performance of the vehicle is its lightness. Elise Cup 260, the lightest among Lotus models, weighs 862 kilograms .

2.5 Seconds Faster than Cup 250!

The Cup 260 is faster on the Herthel circuit than its predecessor, the Cup 250. Touring the Herthel track in 1 minute and 32 seconds, Elise Cup 260 completed the track in 2.5 seconds less than its predecessor, the Cup 250.


When we look at the engine part, although we do not encounter very high horsepower or torque, the fact that the vehicle weighs 862 kilograms affects the speed a lot. Elise Cup 260.0 with 250 HP power and 255 Nm torque reaches  from 0 to 100 in 4.2 seconds .

Lotus used 16-inch front wheels and 17-inch rear wheels in the Elise Cup 260. The rims, which look very large, are accompanied by tires that are 10mm wider than the Cup 250’model. These tires greatly increase road grip.

If we look at the interior, the seats covered with Alcantara look very stylish with their yellow stitching. Lotus, which frequently uses alcantara, aluminum and carbon parts in the interior, also used the color of the vehicle, which it painted in Championship Gold , in some parts, especially for its 70th anniversary. The sound system offers features such as Bluetooth connectivity.

Elise Cup 260, produced by Lotus to celebrate its 70th anniversary, has been a very fast and stylish vehicle. Since only 30 pieces are produced, we will not see much on the streets. It may not even be in our country.


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