Giant Rival to Tesla: Speed ​​Freak Lucid Air

After each giant, new opponents will certainly emerge. That’s how Tesla started to develop. Until Lucid Air was released. Lucid Air , which is a direct competitor to Tesla , breaks speed records with its legendary vehicle. You will agree with me in the video that you will watch soon. Let ‘s take a look at Lucid Air , Tesla’s direct competitor .

Who Is This Lucid?


First of all, let’s underline that the car is in the electric class. Already in Europe, the use of gasoline and diesel vehicles is prohibited. The first to initiate this was France. As such, how logical would it be to expect a gasoline-powered car from Lucid Air ?

America-based new manufacturer Lucid continues to grow rapidly with the Air model it has developed. Now it is called a direct competitor of Tesla, but both are US companies. Even though they are in competition with themselves, it is obvious that they will still make money for their country. When we take a look at the equipment of the vehicle, a premium class Sedan model welcomes us. This robot-made maniacal vehicle with 1000 horsepower can reach 100 kilometers in 2.5 seconds. His total speed record is 378 kilometers .

In the test it carried out in April, the company reached a speed of 350 km / h and gave a good threat to its competitors. There are hardly any companies that are already electric and can reach this speed. Since automobile lovers see this power and technology in electric vehicles, they inevitably turn to there.

While the software limits of Lucid Air , which is currently under tests, are being expanded day by day, the vehicle can receive updates like smart phones. Thanks to these updates, the vehicle’s performance, fuel and electronics can work better. When we look at the last test, the performance of the vehicle is really amazing. Let’s take a closer look at the legendary performance of Lucid Air , which will be put up for sale abroad soon.


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