Football Manager 2022 Is Free! Here are the details

We are here with an unmissable news for those who love football games. Football Manager 2022 , the game for those who want to be on the side of the field, that is, in the management, is free .

I wish it was offered completely free of charge, but unfortunately our time is quite limited. Naturally, those who want to take advantage of this opportunity will have to act quickly. So, how do we get the game for free and how long will we be able to play it?


Football Manager 2022 Free for 2 Days Only

The reason why the game is free is because it is included in the weekend event. This means that we will be able to try the production for free for a very short time.

It will be enough to go to the Steam page and say play the game to try the production, which will be offered for free for only 2 days, for free during this period. I ‘ll add the game’s Steam page right here .


Let’s say you played the game for 2 days and you liked the production. You want to continue. Then there is another campaign news.

Those who want to continue the game will also be able to take advantage of the discount campaign, which is valid for a short time. With a 33% discount, you will be able to buy the game for 334 TL. Let’s add that the normal price is 500 TL.


By the way, the discount also has an expiration date. The discount will be valid until April 21 . After that, the discount will end and those who want to continue production will have to pay a serious fee of 500 TL.

Without forgetting, you have the chance to download and try the Football Manager 2022 demo game from the Steam page . But let me state that not all content is open in the demo.



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