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eFootball 2022 1.0.0 Update Announced! What’s Next?

When eFootball 2022 came out, that is about 6 months ago, “Konami what did you do!” we said. Because in the game that followed the legendary PES series, there were too many mistakes. The company acknowledged the problems and announced that it is working on updates for the game. Here comes the time for the first major update, eFootball 2022 version 1.0.0 .

After about 6 months, the company announced the release date of the expected big update for the game. In addition, the innovations that will come with the update have also emerged clearly.


What Does eFootball 2022 1.0.0 Update Bring?

If you wish, let’s talk about the changes that are stated to be prepared according to the feedback. Then I will come to the release date of the update. Because the update was announced before, but the release date was postponed to an uncertain date. Konami has dealt with innovations item by item. Let’s go the same way.

Shot Improvements

There were a lot of complaints about shooting games. We were also seeing bugs with shooting speed and curves . Here’s a fix for that.

New shooting curves have been added to the production, which will bring new dynamics to the game in the first place. Much more variety of shooting curves have arrived, so it will be possible to score various goals with different strokes from different angles. In other words, the variety of shots in the game will be increased.

On the other hand, some adjustments have been made, such as improving the shooting speed and improving the targeting of the shots.


Improvements on Defense

The issue of defense was also one of the most criticized points for the production of eFootball 2022 . It was not possible to defend properly in the game. The production has changed the key combination for this.

Some new commands have been added to the game. Let’s move on to these.

Request Press: You will be able to request several players to press the ball while the ball is in the opponent’s position. You will be able to narrow the pass paths.

Close Follow Feature: Again, a feature that will be valid to narrow the opponent’s field. In this command, the player you control will narrow the field of the player who has the ball at his feet while slightly crouching.

Pressure: The feature of putting pressure on the opponent, which we also saw in the FIFA series. You will automatically be able to press on whose foot is the ball.

Shoulder Challenge: The fight we call shoulder to shoulder will also be added to the game. You will be able to push your opponent with your shoulder, especially by using the ball during runs.

Innovations in Dribbling

Duels have been improved. In addition, improvements have been made that will enable players to be better in parts such as running fast and ball tracking. There are also new playing moves.

Improvements to Rust

With eFootball 2022 version 1.0.0 , improvements are coming to the pass feature, which is the main vein of the game . Again, we will see that the passing speed has been increased in the changes made by evaluating the feedback.

The feature we call rhythmic pass will be activated. There will be more accurate and faster passes. While the errors in passing have been fixed, new commands have been added to the game that will allow you to pass in different styles.

In addition to the improvements such as adding new features to the game plan and online connection improvements, it has been announced that the name of the “Creative Team” mode has now been changed to Dream Team.

Apart from establishing your team by gaining new players here, you will now be able to improve your players and make it easier to reach the team you want. It’s clear that players are given a little more freedom.

When Will eFootball 2022 Update 1.0.0 Release?

It has been announced that the eFootball 2022 1.0.0 update , which will bring all these changes and much more to the game , will be released on April 14 .

Only after 5 days will we be able to try the new update. Let’s see how many bugs will be fixed this time. I’m also looking forward to the new features added to the game. We’ll try and prepare a review when the update is released. 🙂


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