Dreams Come True: Flying Car Skycar!

Flying cars, which almost everyone dreams of in traffic situations, are now reality. Popular Mechanics’ cover of “Anyone Can Fly a Skycar” in January 1991 raised the possibility that everyone could have their own “flying car”.

Moller International has made our dreams come true by announcing that it has offered the M400 Skycar for sale on eBay. Because he was not issued a flight permit by the Aviation Administration, Moller stated that the condition of the sale was “can’t fly”. Its ducted fans enable rotary-wing aircraft to lift without the hazards of exposed rotor blades and the high maintenance costs. “The vehicle uses cutting-edge fly-by-wire computer technology to monitor, control and maintain aircraft stability while also making it simple and easy to use.”


Skycar vehicles come with options for 2,4 or 6 people. It is stated that it is quite easy to fly with the Skycar, which is designed to travel at low speed over short distances like an automobile.

Skycar plans to shorten commute times, reduce fuel use and solve the traffic problem.


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