Bridgestone Produced Tire That Can Go Even If It Breaks

The tire explosion situation, which can happen to automotive users at the most inopportune times, has prompted today’s tire manufacturers with developing technology. Bridgestone  , which has developed its R&D and production operations in Turkey, is one of the manufacturers that has started to produce tires that can go a certain kilometer even though it has burst in many major brands in recent years, and  has announced that it produces Driveguard new generation tires that can go flat.

He stated that every passenger car compatible with TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) provides the advantage of being able to go for 80 km at 80 km speed , even if the tire is flat. Bridgestone Driveguard is offered to the owners of passenger cars who want to use it as summer and winter tires in 19 different sizes with different patterns and between 15-18 rims. The Driveguard series offers the so-called RFT technology, which can move even if it explodes, to a wide range of passenger vehicles in the upper and middle segments.


Bridgestone Driveguard technology uses an innovative reinforced sidewall to help drivers maintain control in case of tire damage. It offers both comfort and performance without sacrificing wet sole and rolling resistance.

40% of Vehicle Drivers Experience a Flat Tire

According to the researches, it was stated that 40% of vehicle owners encountered tire bursts or damage in a period of 4 years. 23% of these problems occur at night and 50% in places far from city centers.

This research also shows that it is a situation that can happen to many drivers, and I have to say that it is a difficult situation because I personally stay in such a situation in my vehicle at distant points from the city center. I especially recommend that vehicle owners check spare tire tires once in a while and learn if they still do not know how to change tires.

We currently do not have any price information about Bridgestone Driveguard  products. In addition, due to the fact that each vehicle has different tire sizes, there may be differences in prices.


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