600 HP Hybrid Beast: Polestar 1!

Volvo has announced the 600-horsepower Polestar 1, which it will launch in 2019 . This car is a beast…

Luxury automaker Volvo will produce a 600- horsepower hybrid-powered beast for 2019. The vehicle, which was introduced at a special event held in Shanghai , is said to be produced only 500 units per year. Let’s take a look at the details of this beast. But first, ‘ What is a hybrid car? Let’s answer the question of those who said “.


What is a hybrid car?

Hybrid vehicles contain two different engine types. In these vehicles, there is a combination of the gasoline engine and electric motor that everyone knows. The advantage of this is that when using an electric motor in traffic, you can switch to gasoline when you want to gas. Since they contain two different engines, these vehicles can be called hybrid vehicles.

Here’s Polestar 1’s Engine!

First of all, the most important thing in vehicles with electric motors is range. In other words, how many kilometers can we travel when the vehicle is fully charged. Polestar 1 differs from its competitors such as Mercedes and BMW in this part. The Polestar 1 is the hybrid car with the longest range on the market.


If we take the BMW i8 model, the i8 can travel 37 kilometers using only electricity . Polestar 1, on the other hand, can travel 150 kilometers with a full charge , increasing this figure 4 times . As people who have been using gasoline or diesel engines for years, this value may seem very low. However, the range of the Polestar 1 is sufficient for daily commuting and sightseeing.

Of course, it does not produce 600 horsepower when using electricity. The vehicle consumes 218 horsepower while using only electricity . For performance enthusiasts, the Polestar 1 includes a 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 600 horsepower and 1000 torque .

Polestar 1, which uses an 8-speed gearbox , also uses horsepower very successfully. As we mentioned above, this transmission produces only 218 horsepower when the vehicle is using electricity. When you need performance, its 2.0-liter 600-horsepower engine never leaves you alone.

Again, one of the most important factors affecting the ride is the suspension. Suspension can vary depending on features such as proximity or distance to the ground, hardness and softness. Polestar 1, on the other hand, has  Öhlins Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension (Öhlins Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension)  technology, where the driver can adjust the suspension settings from within the vehicle.

Another feature of Polestar 1 is that you can set your phone as your car key. With the phone -as-key feature, you will be able to start the vehicle with your phone without the need for any ignition, by making your iOS or Android operating system phone the key of the vehicle.

The price of Polestar 1, which brings many more features like this, is not clear. The Polestar 1, which is said to be released in 2019, will draw attention thanks to its high performance, hybrid engine and long range.



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