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What Happened To The Price Of Euro Truck Simulator 2? How Much Was It Raised?

Euro Truck Simulator 2 , which was released 10 years ago , is definitely among the first choices of simulation lovers. The reason for the great interest in the game is that it is the best simulation game in this field and it is constantly updated.

We see that the production, which we usually bring to the agenda with new DLC packages or update news, is now coming up with a very different agenda. So much so that as of yesterday, it was announced that there was a huge increase in the game.


Why? Why? How? We list the questions, but the answers are question marks. Let’s take a look at the situation. Let’s see how prices have changed.

Nearly 300% Increase in Euro Truck Simulator 2 Price

Until yesterday, the price of the game was around 39 TL . It is even included in discounts from time to time, and therefore it could fall as low as 10-20 TL . But with the increase, the price of the game suddenly became 149 TL .

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Even when Euro Truck Simulator 2 debuted, its price was not at this level. There is no information about why the increase has come, but we see that all DLC packages have been increased along with the main game.

I don’t know if anyone hasn’t bought the game, which is still popular, but I’m sure those who want to buy it from now on will think about it.


If I have to give an example from myself, I bought the production in 2018 at a price of 1.99 TL at the Christmas discounts. I say think about the rest.


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