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PUBG 17.2 Update Is Released for Consoles too

Updates continue to come for PUBG, which is now a free game. The last update to the game was the PUBG 17.2 update .

The update, which was released for PC on May 11, was also released for consoles and now a new era has started in the game.


What Changed With PUBG 17.2 Update?

It should be noted that with the update, the focus is on bug fixes first. Let’s talk about the bugs fixed first.

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Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue that could occur in the inventory section when trying to login twice in a row during 1V1 Arena login.
  • Fixed an issue when unlocking Premium supply Pack #2.
  • Fixed the non-disappearing message issue after selecting the team emote in the main lobby.

Let’s talk about other changes.

Changes Made for Scouts

  • Range changed for enemy detection. It’s not 1000 meters anymore, it’s 600 meters.
  • The white passive marker appeared automatically in close-up mode. It will no longer appear automatically.
  • There are many more edits made here. I’ll add the release notes page down for the full.

Changes to Weapon Balance

  • Recoil velocity balance has been reworked for the MK12.
  • Damage increased for the mini 14. Not much, 48 instead of 47.
  • Changes Made to the Map

    • Added Vikendi instead of Haven in map rotation in regular matches.
    • Ducks have been added to certain points of the map as a result of cooperation with Duck.
    • Changes to Weather

      • Air color and terrain texture have been adjusted in Miramar.
      • The atmosphere has been made a little more realistic. Weather colors adjusted.

      There are many more tweaks coming with the PUBG 17.2 update . Sharing the whole would make the list too long and complicated. In order for you to learn the small details, we include the detailed page of the release notes here.



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