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Official Release Date Announced for Diablo Immortal

It was known that the Diablo Immortal mobile game was in the development process. The official announcement for the new Diablo game developed specifically for mobile was made today. Apart from additional explanations about when the game will be released and how the game will be structured, we also received some surprise news for the series.

So much so that, according to the statement, we will unexpectedly see the PC version of the production come. Moreover, there will be very good connections between the mobile and PC version.


When Is Diablo Immortal Coming Out?

According to the brief announcement, the game will be the first version of Diablo developed entirely for mobile . The version that came for the PC will also appear as a version adapted for the PC later on.

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The production, which will be offered for both Android and iOS devices , will also have cross-platform support. In other words, while you are playing on PC, your friends playing the game on their mobile devices will also be able to join you.

At this point, it should be said that the importance of cross-platform support is quite high. You can think of it as a step to bring the game to more users and make it more fun.

Diablo Immortal, which will have advantages such as more character customization and more detailed gameplay dynamics, will be released for both Android and iOS on June 2 .


We will see that the game is completely free. Of course, there will be purchases for the game in the upcoming production in the MMO genre. You will be able to do better things, especially by spending money on developing characters.



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