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New Reveals for Call of Duty Project Aurora

A new mobile game is coming for the production of Call of Duty, which has managed to keep its fan base in every period. We are waiting for the new game, which we have heard before, with the code name Call of Duty Project Aurora .

We do not know if the name will be different or if there will be a change in the release period, but for now, it is known that the code name of the game is like this.


It is still not clear when the production will be released, but information about other technical details has started to come slowly.

What Do We Know About Call of Duty Project Aurora?

It is clear that some details have emerged with the questions asked to Activision officials about the game.

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First, it should be noted that there is new information about the closed alpha version of the game. There will also be an open alpha version for the game, judging by the authorities’ responses to the moderated questions. For now, the alpha version is said to be closed and a limited number of players are accepted, but this will change in the future.

The second part is about when the game will be released. If we look at the Activison statements, there is no information about the release date. Activision says that they continue to develop the game rapidly and that they want to bring the game to the fans as soon as possible, but when we come to give a clear date, there is no clear date for the release date at the moment.


Here are the last answers to the questions about the game. For Project Aurora , we have no choice but to wait. We will see what the upcoming game will offer specifically to the mobile world.


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