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New Name of FIFA Series Announced: EA Sports FC

There is an agreement between EA Games and FIFA that has been going on for years. Within the scope of this agreement, we saw that the names of the games published so far were chosen as FIFA. Of course, both sides were gaining in the process. Within the scope of the agreement, EA Games was making payments to FIFA within certain fees. However, it was also on the agenda that this agreement, which had been going on for years, would end within this year.

In the allegations that have been circulating on the market for a while, it was stated that the deal would end and the game series would continue under a different name from now on. These claims, which have been on the agenda for a long time, have finally been confirmed.


The New Name of FIFA Series Will Be EA Sports FC

According to the latest information, the agreement between FIFA and EA Games has ended. Accordingly, it will no longer be possible to name the game as FIFA.

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So we will not see the production of FIFA 23. From now on, the game will be called EA Sports FC .

It looks like the series will go like this now. Apart from the new naming, there will be no FIFA-affiliated organizations such as FIFA events and World Cup events in the game.

Content such as the game structure, the situation of the teams, the subject of gameplay dynamics, jerseys and logos will continue in accordance with the spirit of the series.


The fact that the name will change does not mean that there will be big changes in the game. However, for now, we can say that EA Sports FC is the game we are most curious about in the series . Let’s see what we will see other than the name change?


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