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NBA 2K22 Announcement Arrived for Xbox Game Pass

The layout is clear for the games that will be added to the Xbox Game Pass system. A list is announced at the beginning of each month, and free games appear in the first half of the month. In the middle of the month, the second party games are announced. This way users get access to new free games in two batches. But this month, another step was taken. The NBA 2K22 game has arrived for Xbox Game Pass.

When we look at the time, adding a game to the system on this date is not a situation we encounter very often. We can say that it was a completely surprising development. Of course, the players will be happy with this decision, that’s a different situation.


NBA 2K22 Released for Xbox Game Pass

For now, the service’s May games are not clear, but Microsoft has made a surprise with this decision. Let’s also mention that users who are members of the system can access the NBA 2K22 game right now.

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For those who have not played the game before and are curious, let’s talk about the game superficially. There really isn’t much to say. We are talking about a basketball production developed by 2K Games.

I can say that what the FIFA series is for Football games, the 2K series is for basketball games.


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