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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Metin2

Yes, maybe it’s not heard much lately, but there was a game that was played the most in internet cafes, for which young people buried their pocket money. As you can see in the title, we are talking about the production of Metin2 .

The production, which was first published in Korea in 2004 and then appeared globally in 2006, still has a certain audience.


But now that player base is a very small group. The production, which said goodbye to its old days, was last added to the Steam platform in 2017 and was in preparation to become popular again.

However, the legendary production could not get what it wanted on Steam, and as a result, it was announced that it was time to say goodbye to the Steam platform.

Metin2 Is Also Removed From The Steam Platform

According to the statement made by Steam, the game stopped its registration on Steam as of May 18 .

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No more new registrations, but that’s not the only bad news. The company announced that the game will be completely removed from Steam.


On August 18, Metin2 will be completely removed from Steam and its page will be deleted.

Although it is a legend of a period, we can forget the production completely. If you ask me if there will be a sequel, it is very difficult now. Maybe those born after 2000 will not remember this game much, but the production seems to take its place on the history shelves of the game world and stay there.


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