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Important Leaks Coming for New Need for Speed ​​Game

It is thought that the new game, which Need for Speed ​​fans are eagerly waiting for, will be released this year. Yes, there is no official statement, but there are important clues in this direction. Regardless of when the new Need for Speed ​​game will be released, even the images allegedly belonging to the game started to leak.

A short video, or rather GIF images, which was stated to belong to a scene from the last game, was published. Now, a visual of a map that is claimed to be the map of the game has leaked.


Image Leaked for New Need for Speed ​​Map

The map, which appears to have been leaked on Reddit, is important. We don’t know if it really belongs to the game or not, but if we look at the map, the game seems to reveal the open world structure.

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It is also said that the map, which includes garages and numbering at certain points , will belong to an imaginary area called Lake Shore City .

We’ve been accustomed to such large maps since the Most Wanted game in the series, but if this leak is true , the map for the new Need for Speed ​​game could be one of the largest game maps ever offered.

This is already in the structure of NFS games. A giant city and modified cars. The game is already built on it.


It is unclear whether the map is real or when the game’s release date will be announced. We will continue to share as official statements come about the production, which is a little more intriguing with its leaks.


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